A Guy Named Jim
Copyright 2003 Laramie Crocker

It appears that there may be evidence that Jesus was an historical figure, and not just a literary one, by virtue of physical evidence of a bone-box of his brother, James. This presents problems for some Christians, since many sects hold to the interpretation that Jesus was an only child.
 -- Biblical Archaeological Society
 -- National Geographic
But now, the Israel Antiquities Authority claims that the physical evidence appears to have been a ruse (although they have a political motivation to not validate Christianity). The subject is still the source of some debate. There is still some documentary evidence, including the disputed meaning of the translation of the biblical reference to James as Jesus' brother.

Nonetheless, I wrote this song about meeting Jesus and his brother, and having a few drinks with them.

    I was hanging out at Sheckle's Bar the other day
    with a guy named Jim
    and he said
      "say, man, I'm getting hungry,
       why don't you come on over for dinner"
    So I did.
    Met his mother Mary and his father Joseph
    and a passel of brothers and sisters,
    and one brother in particular named Jesus
    We had a good dinner,
    C              G
    there with all his kin
    C                  D7        G
    me and Jesus and a guy named Jim

    Later after dinner, Jesus was sitting over in the corner praying
    and Jim called out,
      "Hey Jesus, come make yourself useful,
       we need a third for cards"
    So Jesus said "Verily I say unto you, keep holy the Sabbath..."
    and Jim said
      "c'mon, Jesus, do we have to go into that agin
       we've got company!"
    So we sat and played cards,
    C                  D7        G
    me and Jesus, and a guy named Jim

    Jesus talked in parables, and said "lo" and "verily" a lot
    Jim leaned over and said
      "he's always like that"

    Jesus was the petulant one
    Jim would say,
      "Jesus, lighten up
       some of the boys, well,
          Em           G
       we're goin down to Sheckle's,
          Em           G
       why don't you join us
          Em           G
       knock a few back
       share some of your parables,
          C           D        G
       sing some songs"
    C                  D7        G
    me and Jesus, and a guy named Jim

    Daytimes we'd go fishin
    It all seemed so simple when Jesus talked
    he talked about peace and love,
    and a neat trick he had for catching fish
    Jim would tell some jokes
    and we'd all have a good laugh
    and thank God for the nice weather,
    and since he was right there
    we'd thank him for all the fish, too
    C                  D7        G
    me and Jesus and a guy named Jim

    C               D7
    now it's 2000 years later,
    G                Em
    and I've sure got some questions for him
    wish I were sittin down at the pub
    D7                G
    me and Jesus and a guy named Jim

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Copyright 2003 Laramie Crocker