Brand New Songs
Copyright 2003 Laramie Crocker
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    [F  F/E  F/D C vamp with a G7 Bb turnaround]

    The night the fire started I was sitting home alone
    Getting high on coffee ice cream and John Woo movies
    Picked up my guitar and trying to write me a brand new song
    But this one seems way too familiar
    Isn't it a song that I heard in the 70s
    I'll bet it's a song by Jackson Brown
    or maybe it was James Taylor or Carol King
    I can't tell the difference they all sound the same to me now
    And the only way out is to mess up the chords
    and come up with a brand new sound like
    D           E
    this, or like this
    But it sounds so lousy I'll just have to give it up
    and play the song I know how to play
    maybe ASCAP will tell him that I'm messing up his song
    and he'll sue my ass for tryin, and gettin it so wrong
    but Jackson don't come down to open mic night
    so I think I'm safe for now
    at least until I make it real big
    and I can afford to get a real songwriter
    to write me some brand new songs
    brand new songs
    brand new songs
    Oh I tried to play some jazz but I'm not good enough
    And I tried to play the blues but I'm too white
    And I tried to sing some country, but I just mess up the twang
    And I tried to sing gospel but I just don't care
    about god, or the afterlife
    I just don't care
    I just don't care
    Now maybe if I die and there' a god after all
    I can go to heaven and it'll all make sense
    They'll give me a harp and some talent
    And I can hang out with Patsy Cline and Elvis
    G7                    Bb
    and they can show me, how to write me
    some brand new songs
    brand new songs
    brand new songs

    Oh I know you wish I'd stop singing
    You're thinking "bartender, that last drink isn't working
    If I had enough to drink I might understand this music"
    Maybe you're right: we should all just go home
    pick up your guitars
    G7                Bb
    and please write me some brand new songs
    some brand new songs
    brand new songs

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Copyright 2003 Laramie Crocker