Hey Now!  [listen (mp3)]
Copyright 2003 Laramie Crocker

      | B / A / | D /  F  G |

    verse (jazzy/house):
      |: G#7     F#13     E13     F#13  |  G#7     F#13     E13     F#13 :|

        Hey now, Where you gonna go when they "say step over here"
        Hey now, who do you know, when they say "listen up queer"
        Hey now, where you gonna go, when they give you the fear

    [And Mr. George Bush says...]

    We won the cold war fair and square, 30 years of profit from that scare
    Beat the Ruskies with our plan, now we need a new boogie man
    We paid Columbia's terrorist thugs, we called it the war on drugs
    Need to scare up some new taxes, so welcome to the evil axis

        Do you know how your money's been spent by the court-appointed president
        He said "I need two trillion,  to even the score
            gotta get me some gear for the third world war."
        Hey now, where you gonna go, kangaroo court needs you for the show

    [And Mr. Ashcroft says...]

    Full fair trials, we Guarantee, but you can't watch, don't bring your attorney
    Classified evidence, can't show you, just believe us when we say it's all true
    Got to protect The American Way, never mind, If you can't have your say
    Don't go whining about duress, we'll shut you up like we shut up the press
    Dissent is just a word for Treason, Hunt the protestors: they're in season
    We're gonna keep it under raps, Just like we did to the Japs
    Lock them Mooslims in camps, towelheads and dirty tramps
    Cavedwellers, they're not urban, every terrorist wears a turban

        Hey now, this is a test, five thousand or more under secret arrest
        Hey now, but don't feel blessed, 'cause the Patriot Act's gonna get the rest
        Hey now, what you gonna do, Ashcroft's gonna come for you.

    [Sing it, Ashcroft ...]

    We don't need the constitution, got a marshal law solution
    Got them towelheads in detention, we don't need Geneva Convention
    We don't need U.N. resolution, we don't pay restitution
    Taliban slipped from reliance, So now we pay the Northern Alliance

    Clinic bombers, Black Church burners, we don't show them on Ted Turner's
    Just the mooslims, hated and feared, Every terrorist wears a beard
    Unless we pay them, as moonlighters, then we call them freedom fighters
    Harbor terrorists, you gotta pay, but buy our bombs we'll let you play

    First we're doin' airport security, then we gonna get a little more dirty
    Gonna come to your house in the middle of the night, make sure that you're actin' right
    We been watchin your email, don't pass "Go", just go to to jail
    Got a plan, gonna put through, for the terrorist groups like the ACLU

        Hey now, I can't be, a war protestor in the land of the free
        Hey now, I hope you can see, you can't trade freedom for security
        Bye Bye now, I gotta flee, they got my momma now they're comin' for me

        Hey now, Where you gonna run, when they've got you under the gun
        Hey now, Where you gonna run, when they've got you under the gun
        Hey now, Where you gonna run, when they've got you under the gun


"can't trade freedom for security"
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Ben Franklin

"Black Church burners"

File under U.S. Terrorism. This is a reference to arson against numerous churches in the U.S. with African American congregations.

This figure has been called into question because the number of arson or bomb attempts on Black churches is not that far out of line with arson and bomb attempts on all churches, synagogues, and mosques.

However, in my view the very scale of the attacks nationwide imply that there is a lot of hate out there, and is evidence of domestic terrorism, albeit not conducted by "others" we can easily scapegoat.

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