Copyright 2002 Laramie Crocker

    Love sits at the table, plays hearts with a trick
    but I've played that hand, now the anger comes quick

    I wandered around in this all-night town
    And I found a bar to call home

    And there's music and laughter and lots of good cheer
    and a barmaid named Mary who brings you your beer

        ---- Chorus ----
        And everyone here loves Mary, And Mary loves everyone here
        Everyone here loves Mary, Mary loves everyone
        Some day I'll ask her to be my bride,
           But now I'll just ask for another beer, Mary

    Mary smiles as she works the tables
    and chats with the regular folks

    Puts a hand on your shoulder as she comes around
    and sits and laughs at your jokes

    she wears oversized boots, undersized jeans
    beauty and grace floats by in a tank top

        ---- Chorus ----

    Sure, other girls come into the bar
    and sure, they look cute for a while

    but they yammer on cell phones when there's live music
    or they smoke, or they're easy, bitchy, or dumb

    and there's only one Mary, at least around here
    so I wait in my corner, 'till she brings my beer

        ---- Chorus ----