Million Dollar Hair
Copyright 2003 Laramie Crocker
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    You know Baby didn't leave me;   I said "get on outta here"
    so she married an old flame;    but now he's a millionaire
    now Baby's lookin so fine;    she got million dollar hair

    You know Baby rides in style;    to get from here to there
    she's got a leather interior;    she's got cool, conditioned air
    and she rides to her hairdresser;    to get million dollar hair
        she says "I need more stuff in there";
        give me rings and things
        beads and braids
        I'll need millions
        give me vermillion

    You know Baby lives in style;    with her millionaire
    you know he bought her a ranch;    cool country air
    and she rides there on weekends;    on her million dollar mare
        she says "I think it matches my hair"

    You know Baby dines in style;    the Maître d' holds her chair
    she asks the chef de cuisine;    "How is your soufflé, Pierre?"
        but the soufflé is impressed
        I said even the soufflé is impressed
        with her million dollar
        million dollar
        how'd you get so much air in there
        million dollar hair

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Copyright 2003 Laramie Crocker