One More Day
Copyright 2000, 2001 Laramie Crocker

AM7         A7         Dm7b5   Dbm7b5
Each time I think, I'm ready to leave you

CM7[xCGBEx]       Bm7b5        G7   Gb7
you do something different to make me stay

Ebm7b5           B7
each time I try, I want to deceive you

Cdim                            Ddim
leave you there sleeping, I'll just walk away

Bm9                Dbm7     D7         Ab7
Though I try to be gone, I know in the morning

Dbm7b5  CM7[xCGBEx]
you're gonna have me

[xBbFADE]  AM7
one more day
one more day
one more day

Each time you leave, I want to retrieve you
I'll do anything to make you stay
each time you lie, I want to believe you
You thief you are stealing my heart away
though I know you might go
and leave me here sleeping
I know that I'll want you
one more day
one more day
one more day

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Copyright 2003 Laramie Crocker