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As the US-UK invaders march towards victory, let's make sure history is not re-written by the victors

Posted 4/8/2003 by anonymous


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The "Shock and Awe" Photo Gallery [updated daily]

Wall of Shame [photos]

Rain of Terror on Baghdad [photos]

280 'dismembered' by bombs

In Iraqi hospitals, child war casualties mount

Horror of infant corpses shocks Red Cross

Missile kills eight Iraqi civilians in Baghdad

U.S., Britain under fire for using cluster bombs

Larger field hospital is being built at Rota

US Uses Cluster Bombs -- Military Criticized for Type of Ordnance

The Proof: Marketplace Deaths Were Caused by a US Missile

Children Killed and Maimed in Cluster Bomb Attack on Town

U.S. Aircraft Pound Baghdad Maternity Hospital

U.S. raid damages Baghdad hospital

Witnesses Say U.S. Bombs Hit Iraqi Hospital

Pelosi: 'Thousands' of U.S. Soldiers Will Die in Iraq

Iraq War Spawns New Arab Nationalist Mood, Pride

U.S. Using Controversial Cluster Bombs In Iraq

Jordan's King Condemns Civilian Deaths, Red Cross "Shocked"

Cluster bombs' legacy could linger

Hundreds in Iraqi town's hospitalWards filled with many civilians, some apparently the victims of cluster bombs

Red Cross slams 'horrific' hospital attack

A Disaster Unfolding in Iraq

US marines pay high toll on road to Baghdad

Pictures of casualties raise Arab anger

Red Cross finds dozens of corpses after U.S. attack on Hillah

Christian Peacemaker Teams

Jo Wilding's Iraq Diary

Images Of Iraqi Civilian Deaths Fuel Antiwar Feeling In Arab World

US Troops Kill Eight Iraqi Civilians at Roadblocks

Religious leaders say war in Iraq foments anger in Afghanistan

American onslaught kills 33 civilians

U.S. Massacres 55 Civilians In Baghdad Marketplace

U.S. Army Black Hawk Helicopter Shot Down

'The US war planners misjudged Iraqi forces'

Gruesome toll grows as army grinds to a halt

Bodies of 500 US, UK soldiers lying in Jacobabad

Bay of Pigs Meets Black Hawk Down

British fury at 'cowboy' US pilot's deadly error

'The Yank opened up. He had absolutely no regard for human life. He was a cowboy out on a jolly'

Three British soldiers sent home after protesting at civilian deaths

US forces' use of depleted uranium weapons is 'illegal'

Pentagon Keeps Return of Iraqi War Dead from Media

US admits '8,000 Iraqis captured' claim was false

'You've Just Killed a Family Because You Didn't Fire a Warning Shot Soon Enough'

Al-Jazeera tells the truth about war

Another link to Al-Jazeera

Victims of the Anglo-American Aggression in Iraq [photos]

The Horror And Reality Of Operation Iraqi Freedom [photos]

Red Cross horrified by number of dead civilians

Red Cross: Iraq Wounded Too High to Count [abcnews]

Red Cross: Iraq Wounded Too High to Count [truthout.org]

Hospitals buckle as casualties escalate

Baghdad Hospitals Stretched to their Limits

One boy's war... bathed in blood of his family

'Friendly Fire' Plagues U.S., Britain in Iraq War

Wailing children, the wounded, the dead: victims of the day cluster bombs rained on Babylon

US forces use schools for cover

Pentagon defends use of civilian clothes by special operations forces

U.S. Military Detains, Beats and Threatens to Kill Four Foreign Journalists in Iraq

'I watched as the bomb left the plane'

Learning to Count the Dead

Civilian Deaths And Official Apologies

US Military Police Are Acting as 'Censors' in This War

U.S. Finds No Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

Searching for the truth in a hollowed-out city

Surgeon Describes "Horrific Injuries," Sanitized War

The minute it's made up, you'll hear about it

We Are the Children of Iraq

Rattled and exhausted residents of Baghdad sure the end is nigh

Apprehensive army lies poised at city gates as suffering inside multiplies

In the ruins, all that's left is death and fear

The Battle of Baghdad: 'Ever so slowly, the suburbs were turned into battlefields'

U.S. Commander Killed In Baghdad, Fighting Continues

Iraq: the digitalization of slaughter

Hoon is 'cruel' for claims on cluster bombs claims

UN, Red Cross alarmed by civilian casualties in Iraq

3 U.S.-British Soldiers Killed In Second "Martyr" Attack

The cans and buckets are empty and people are desperate

Where were the panicking crowds? Where were the food queues? Where were the empty streets?

Arab League: If Baghdad Falls, The Real War Will Begin

Losing All Three Wars on Iraq

US warned that oil cannot provide funds

U.S. war priorities shift away from disarming Iraq

U.S. issues new rules for 'interfering' Iraqi civilians

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