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Would you have gone to war in 1933? 1934? 1935?

Posted 4/12/2003 by thinktwice, rushfinn@cstone.net


My question to all those who claim they are for peace is this:

Would you have gone to War in 1933? Would you have have reconsidered again 1937 after US Policy Change against Isolationism? Would you have waited until all of Europe fell to take your Peace Hats off and picked up a Gun?

How you would have responded to a call from help from your friends and family in Poland in 1933? Would you have told them to hang out, that all would be well? Don't worry, things will get better?

No don't get me wrong here, War and Peace are very complicated issues that I have wrested with most of my life. My heros growing up were:

Chairmain Mao, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., an interesting mix....

I built People's Park and I protested against the invasion into Cambodia and was shot at by our National Guard.

I can tell you though that while Ghandi is one of my greatest heros, I would have fought to the death in Warsaw! I would have been making cocktails and throwing Pipe bombs at Germans. I also supported General Tito and I would have fought in his Guerrilla War.

So what the heck does all this have to do with a corrupt war in IRAQ?

Are Cheney and Bush making a profit on all this? Is this really a war against France and the control of the Dollar? Is this a message to all OPEC nations to not f--k with us? Is this another chapter in the Crusades of Christians against ARABs?

I believe the answer to all of the above questions is a resounding Yes!

So my handle is Think Twice, my mantra is: "Everything you know maybe Wrong"

In this case, I am going to say that I think the War was handled by our Military in a very professional manner. Very few lives were lost. The country of Iraq was liberated from a brutal dictator. I am going out on a limb here, but I am going to say that with the world watching and past history as our keeper, the war in Iraq will be a success and the people will benefit from it. The war was not a 15 year Vietnam. The sophistication of our technology and our experience in the past insured that.

I also believe there is very little looting and anarchy. I believe those points are played up by a liberal press.

I also believe that there is a high chance that a stable government will ensue. Unlike the failures in Africa and Central America, I believe because of the wealth of Iraq and the levels of Education a stable government is possible.

Will Cheney and his buddies make millions? Heck Yes! They essentially have blank checks over there. Iraq can pump money out of the ground!!!! Who wouldn't want all the contract to rebuild the country?

Do I think the war in Iraq will spawn more terrorism?

I am going to really blow your minds....NO It will actually serve to reduce terrorism.

Will the US go into Syria? Very Likely!

From a higher perspective...The Crusades were stupid! Arabs and Christians and Jews have been fighting for thousands of years. All of this religious stupidity needs to stop. Do I think our agressive actions will stop it? I DO. Not for good, but it will stop the recent escalation. At the rate it was going, Bush and Cheney (small time profiteers in the big scheme of things) would have lost out. Multi-Nationals and US corporations would have all lost as well. We were on the verge of the next millenium crusades and they would have been ugly for many years.

"Do you want a piece of me?" says Cheney... At this point, no Arab nation does a want a piece of Cheney.

So does it sound like I think the war is a good thing? Do I support our aggression? Am I f--king NUTS? Yes.

Do I think all the other stuff is true also about why we went to war? YES

Do I think our troops actually know why we really went to war? NO

Am I optimistic? YES

Am I have a good day? YES

If I was in IRAQ right now, I'd be taking my shoe off and smacking Sadam NOT Bush.

Bush seems to have been right after all.... People are dancing in the streets....Something I didn't believe would happen.

OK so that's enought ranting for now

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