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The revolution will not be televised live

Posted 5/1/2003 by laramie@b-rant.com


Bush is coming to California. Not to speak to cheering crowds in San Francisco. Not to thank troops in San Jose. No, our fearless leader is coming to do a victory lap for Silicon Valley defense contractors, and say "Did I do good? I fixed and got y'all some nice fat Iraq-rebuilderizing contractualizations. Ain't I a good boy?"

Now, I know what you're thinkin.

You're thinkin "Every right-thinking American living in the S.F. Bay Area should be heading down to Wal-Mart to git a fresh supply of legally available .50 caliber shells and a brand new Smith & Wesson hunting rifle with high-precision scope or at the very least, one of the new .50 caliber handguns (photo), able to shoot for 2 miles, to avail him- or her-self of this fabulous opportunity to save democracy."

But I'm not going to do that. Going to prison over Bush's sorry ass just so Commander in Chief Cheney can assume his rightful position and declare Alert Code Red and martial law is just not worth it. But that's not really the reason.

The ballot box is still mightier than the sword

Here's the reason why. The ballot box is still mightier than the sword, and Governor Howard Dean, M.D. is running for President, and he can beat Bush in 2004. Dean is a real, populist Democrat, from the democratic wing of the Democratic Party. He's powerful, smart, charismatic, quick on his feet, and he's the only one who says what he means, sticks to his positions, and has the track record -- five terms as Vermont Governor with a balanced budget and a social agenda.

For the first time since the stolen election in 2000, since Bush's opportunistic hijacking of world-wide sympathy for the loss on 9-11 to install a security state and rape the constitution, since the unilateral, now-pointless strike against Afghanistan (Osama Who?), since the unilateral, preemptive strike against Iraq, since the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act that imprisoned 5000 civilians without trial and threatens each and every one of us, for the first time since all of these atrocities committed by Bush and company, I have hope.

Pack your bags -- we're coming to GIT you, George!

Some people have griped that it is too soon to be thinking about presidential campaigns. I say: It's not too early -- and IT MIGHT BE TOO LATE! Bush already stole the first election. Somewhere between 4,000 and 50,000 votes went MISSING in Florida, and more states are planning on using the service in 2004 that committed this illegal purge in 2000.

And "Liberal Media"? WHAT Liberal Media? CNN? Fox? The Washington Post? How about ClearChannel's near-monopoly over radio broadcasting? There is a debate this Saturday between all Democratic hopefuls, and ABC and C-SPAN have both announced that they will NOT air this debate live. They will air it Sunday, taped. (Will they edit it? Will ABC break it up with commercials?) Why is this not the single most important dialog in this country? These candidates will discuss the War in Iraq, the future of American militancy, national healthcare, and the economy.

Oh, wait. I mean Howard Dean will discuss National Healthcare, a balanced budget, true peace and security... and the rest of the candidates will try to keep up and not fall all over themselves in a tangle of conflicted positions. Howard Dean says:

"It is hard to fund social justice without a balanced budget, which is why this President doesn't have one."

I'm confident that if you hear him speak, or read his speeches, visit his website, see his track record and clear positions, you will become a Dr. Howard Dean supporter, too.

His record:

As Governor of Vermont for five terms he:

  • Balanced the state budget
  • Set aside money in a rainy day fund so that Vermont is NOT now laying off teachers
  • Protected several hundred thousand acres of forest in perpetuity
  • Championed and passed a Civil Union bill
  • Created an affordable, sliding scale, single payer healthcare program for everyone under 18.

President Howard Dean, M.D. will:

  • Balance the Federal Budget
  • Provide Healthcare for every man, woman and child
  • Undo Bush's destructive tax cuts for the wealthy that are gutting our economy
  • Support a social agenda: jobs, healthcare, the environment, schools
  • NOT invade every oil-rich nation on the planet
  • Promote an inclusive society and fight for the rights of all Americans:
  • "I want my country back! We want our country back! I am tired of being divided! I don't want to listen to the fundamentalist preachers anymore. I want America to look like America, where we are all included, hand in hand. We have dream. We can only reach the dream if we are all together - black and white, gay and straight, man and woman. America!"

            --Howard Dean

The revolution has come. Time to pick up the checkbook and support Howard Dean. Time to get involved and bring the grassroots back to life.

  Get involved.
    Hold house parties.
      Attend meet-ups.
        Tell your friends.
          Get bumper stickers.
            Register everyone you know to vote!


Peace and Love,


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