Laramie Crocker and Wendi Olson

Singing at Breasts Not Bombs rally to protest Arnold Schwartzenegger's election indecency

We sang my songs "I Wanna Git Nekkid With You" (it's natural and easy to do) and also "Cargo".

This photo ran in the newspaper, showing what a wholesome pair of protesterizers we are. :)


We also got some fine coverage on CBS affiiliate chanel 13.

Laramie Crocker, Wendi Olson on CBS 13 Breasts Not Bombs

Click Here to watch the story on CBS 13.    [ Click Here to watch an archived version (in WMV format) if you can't get the feed from CBS. ]

You can see that they blurred out Wendi's chest, but not mine, which was the point of the rally -- that men can go topless but women can't.  Apparently the news editor agreed, or at least thought the viewers would agree.  But the funniest part of the TV story is that the also blurred out a man who had a pink breast pillow slung over his chest.  Just watch the video, and you'll see how silly it really is.

The TV story was actually pretty good, in that it did play our soundbites, which discussed the true obscenity of war.

The lyrics to my song we sang can be seen here.
 "I Wanna Git Nekkid With You"

 -- Laramie Crocker, November 8, 2005