U.S. Provisional Authority

A musical fantasy by Laramie Crocker

The U.S. Provisional Authority band: Laramie Crocker: vocals, guitar
Michael Olivola: contrabass, electric bass
Charlie Wilson: trombone
The Characters: Laramie Crocker:
    Commander-in-Chief Dubya
    General Rumsfeld
    General Ashcroft
All songs and lyrics copyright 2004 Laramie Crocker

What's on Tee Vee?

Year: 2014

The Patriot watches VTV

Dubya's Early Days

Year: 2003

TV documentary on Dubya

"Yes, Mr. Cheney"

Dubya's revelations to Babba Wawwa

"The Nattering Nabob of Nepotism"

Donnie Rumsfeld gives a press conference

"Bombing for Peace"

Memory Begins

Year: 2014

The Patriot recalls the events of 2003-2004

"I Want My Country Back"


Code Red Coup

Year: 2005

The fall of democracy

"Code Red Coup"

The business of the country is War, and War is big business

"What Would We Do Without War"

The people are drafted

"Far Enough"

Where have all the dictators gone?

"Club Fed"

The Patriot Remembers

Year: 2014

The Patriot remembers more

"Hey Now!"

A love song

"Big Green Lady"

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