Love and Peace in the Time of War

Lyrics and Music (MP3)

Love and Peace in the Time of War contains my songs for the Peace Movement. [See: Track List] I've been performing these songs at gatherings and open mics around the S.F. Bay Area and the Vermont/New Hampsire area. Check out the lyrics and music (MP3), or drop me a line at if you would like a CD.
  • I Want My Country Back expresses why we need to take our country back from the runaway Bush Administration (who aren't even good Republicans), and why Governor Howard Dean, M.D. is the Democrat who can do the job!
  • Bombing For Peace uses the language of the Bush Administration to expose the hypocrisy of the war. I wrote it one day before the bombing started, and stayed up all night recording it when the bombs began to fall. As a musician, singing allows me to cry, to yell, to share the emotions and the message of peace.  I cry for the Iraqi citizens who die, though we don't hear about them from the corporate media.
  • Far Enough. I cry for our troops whom we support by rallying for them to come home, alive and healthy; our troops whom the media/war machine supports by sending them in to die and to kill and to be exposed to God-knows-what.  I wrote Far Enough to expose the myriad evil deeds the Bush Administration has done to harm our troops.
  • Yes, Mr. Cheney is twist on a good ole Tee Vee show, but this time it's the "D.C. Hillbillies" with that wacky, fun-loving bunch: Dubya, Ashy, Rummy, George Sr., and, with a rope around his waist for a belt, Jeb.
  • Hey Now! mixes protest song energy with the rap I imagine we would hear from a Hip Hop Dubya and a Smooth Ashcroft.
  • In the Middle of the Night is a request for love and help from a certain American lady admired the world over.
      -- Laramie 7/31/2003