Keep it Peaceful

Posted 3/22/2003 by Laramie Crocker, laramie@b-rant.com


The most important thing is the connections we make with people. Through these connections we make change. It may seem possible to effect change by jumping up and down in the streets. Maybe not directly -- change resists control. But our actions do matter, of course. Maybe we effect change by being a force in the streets of a hundred thousand people, diverse, peaceful, loving, colorful, musical, wearing transparent dresses with signs that say "Bush, your policies are transparent", drumming, dancing, practicing yoga in various "peace poses", kissing and hugging, shouting, carrying a flotilla of signs that fillet the rhetoric of the administration. But maybe we effect change by connecting with people -- those who join us, and those who watch, and join us silently, or join us later as the war worsens. It is important to keep things peaceful, non-destructive, and inclusive. Do not estrange people who don't seem with us yet -- because soon they will be. Make a safe, sane, welcoming place for them to come when they can't take the system's hype any more. Reach out to them through the invisible links of community and friendship, with the weapons of mass construction: music, art, dance, spoken word, prayer, vigil, conversation.

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