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Mr. Cooper and Me


What eyes that drink
in sorrow stuff
and mouth that sees
never enough
and ears that lap
the water's wake
and tongue that listens
will not forsake

In ocean deep
a diver drops
he finds his treasure
and pirate props
and swimming down
in deep surprise
finds eyes of light
that hypmotize

Held by brilliant
seawashed eyes
that fix a gaze
that tantalize
he stays in depths
for wonders there
forsakes the surface
and hope of air

On Killy Yorn
I stayed up later on killy yorn
beflixed a cab on skilly shoren
besides me bed before the morn
aye on killy yorn

aye with nae book to read t'dae
and wile the willy hours awae
I slothed t'work and hae no plae
flixomed from the kiss she blae

I kenner back to fluvie forn
with nae book, nae pages torn
nae doggie here, I be forlorn
aye on killy yorn

I back to Virgini land
flivy round Spring's new stand
and gather all me wally in hand
beflix me back to New Amsterdam

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  Vienna Woods
And so to wander do
down wooded trails
stopping here and there

to sing
amongst the trees
and sup
as supper's do
from salad pails
and sip the air

she told me this
and whilesome tales
and I besat
Brooklyn's drip upon my hair

I pined
as city folk do
wish'd I were there

Northern Sky
The Northern sky, so clear,
so full of stars
and the milky way
I stare at it
for shooting stars
to move through
like streamwater
or fireflicks dancing from glowing firewood
or the way laughter flows through you.

  For Skye
Fear not my Skye
Fear not my love
For the stars are thine eyes
And the Moon is thy sleep
Thy breath is the Sun

You have taught me
With your little life
That I am a dipper
I pour my love onto you
'Till I am empty
And when I return
To Love's deep blue pool
To refill
The pool is not dropped
The pool is not lessened
But awaits for me to refill
With love for you
And again

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