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Liner Notes for CD


Read all the lyrics HERE

Listen to a shorter mix of the album, as one playlist. ---OR--- Short Clips for quick downloading, to get a sense of the songs: AllMyWMDs-clip.mp3 YesMrCheney-clip.mp3 BombingForPeace-clip.mp3 HeyNow-clip.mp3 NatteringNabob-clip.mp3 Warmonger-clip.mp3 LittleBlackBox-clip.mp3 BigGreenLady-clip.mp3 FarEnough-clip.mp3 CodeRedCoup-clip.mp3 IWantMyCountryBack-clip.mp3 RidinHigh-clip.mp3 ---OR--- The full songs in MP3 format: LaramieCrocker-AllMyWMDs.mp3 LaramieCrocker-YesMrCheney.mp3 LaramieCrocker-Cargo.mp3 LaramieCrocker-ClubFed.mp3 LaramieCrocker-BombingForPeace.mp3 LaramieCrocker-HeyNow.mp3 LaramieCrocker-NatteringNabob.mp3 LaramieCrocker-Warmonger.mp3 LaramieCrocker-LittleBlackBox.mp3 LaramieCrocker-BigGreenLady.mp3 LaramieCrocker-FarEnough.mp3 LaramieCrocker-CodeRedCoup.mp3 LaramieCrocker-IWantMyCountryBack.mp3 LaramieCrocker-RidinHigh.mp3 LaramieCrocker-TheFall.mp3 LaramieCrocker-Timeslip1.mp3 LaramieCrocker-Timeslip2.mp3

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