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Listen to the songs (MP3) All My WMDs Yes, Mr. Cheney Cargo Club Fed Bombing For Peace Hey Now! The Nattering Nabob of Nepotism Warmonger Little Black Box Big Green Lady Far Enough Code Red Coup I Want My Country Back Ridin' High The Fall Timeslip #1 Timeslip #2 Solo recordings: Yes, Mr. Cheney (mp3) Bombing for Peace (mp3) Club Fed (mp3) Index of Laramie's Songs: Laramie's Songs


All My WMDs    [Listen (mp3)] Yes, Mr. Cheney    [Listen (mp3)] the rise of the junta Bombing for Peace    [Listen (mp3)] "Donnie" Rumsfeld convinces the public, in a trip to make-believe land. Little Black Box    [Listen (mp3)] electronic voting skews election Code Red Coup Warmonger    [Listen (mp3)] corporate cronies and politicos do a dance Far Enough    [Listen (mp3)] the people are drafted Cargo    [Listen (mp3)] the troops come home Club Fed    [Listen (mp3)] the capture of Saddam Hey Now!     [Listen (mp3)] the PATRIOT Act gets enacted. Mass arrests. The Nattering Nabob of Nepotism    [Listen (mp3)] the early days of bush, drinkin, snortin, partyin, draft dodgin, kennebunkportin with poppy, gubernatin Big Green Lady    [Listen (mp3)] A love song to a lady admired the world over I Want My Country Back!    [Listen (mp3)]

          [Songs not in the show yet]

            the junta lulls the people to sleep

          Carbon Dioxide
              the people, in rags and gas masks, in a chorus line, weave down the
              streets between huge luxury cars with the occupants singing the
                "such a nice day for a ride" refrain.

This is, like DUH, a PARODY.
Copyright 2004 Laramie Crocker / U.S. Provisional Authority

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