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  The country is under the influence of Realitrol, a new disbelief drug spirited into the nation's junk food supply. Pat Buchanan doesn't believe the election results, Donald Trump starts a back-to-the-land movement, Jerry Falwell publicly declares there is no god, and Rush Limbaugh doesn't believe his own radio show. In the ensuing chaos, the Bushies stage a Code Red Coup.

  The U.S. Provisional Authority still rules, run by Commander-in-Chief Dubya, Commander Cheney, Minister-of-Freedom Ashcroft, General Rumsfeld, and Minister-of-Information Rove. A lone Patriot struggles with his memory of events, attempting to match reality to experience.

Laramie as
Commander-in-Chief Dubya:

"America is safer now"

"Laramie is the Tom Lehrer of our times, the Musical Michael Moore"
  -- Patricia and Daniel Elsberg (author, the Pentagon Papers)

See Laramie's new Flash Movie and song about bringing our soldiers home: "Cargo"

See Laramie"s new Flash Movie about the struggle for voting rights, from suffrage to Diebold.
"The Chessmaster Plays Ohio"

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See the libretto, which has all the spoken word, the lyrics, charts, images from the show, and stage directions. You can also see the gallery.

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Read the National INQUISITIONER
Nov. 11, 2004 Edition

Laramie as
General Donnie Rumsfeld:

"There are unknown KNOWNS!"

A review from the 10/22/04 show in Berkeley:

"Last night I finally went to see Laramie and his band perform his "U.S. Provisional Authority" show, and it's GREAT! Many of you have, I hope, already listened to the soundtrack mpegs on his website, but they're much better live - real toe-tapping, foot-stomping, hand-clapping stuff. And it's amazing watching Laramie perform a totally rockin' tune, playing guitar and singing and gettin' down, while still managing to perfectly imitate Donald Rumsfeld's facial expressions.

And his mom plays the piano like Chico Marx.

It's a good thing I already sent in my absentee ballot, because otherwise I'd be tempted to vote for Bush on the grounds that if he's elected, Laramie will keep performing this stuff. "

See my Flash movie Cargo

Link to us here.

David Donlon helped me with the first version of "I Want My Country Back", and you can find his latest project here:

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The material about the U.S. Provisional Authority is, like DUH, a PARODY.
The music, and shows, are real.
Copyright 2004 Laramie Crocker / U.S. Provisional Authority