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Read through the National Security Archive, hosted at George Washington University: http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/index.html where you will find many documents, from our government, that document what "conspiracy theorists" have been saying all along.
Gulf of Tonkin declassified reports now show that skewed intelligence reports were used by the Johnson Administration to justify war with Vietnam.

Special Message to my darling nieces who are incommunicado, under the grip of their authoritarian, Unification Church (Moonie) control-freak parents. Read it here.

Sad Lover's Waltz
Wendi Olson and I did a new recording of Camper Van Beethoven's "Sad Lover's Waltz". Listen Here

Laramie Crocker and Wendi Olson at Breasts Not Bombs rally          Breasts Not Bombs!

Here we are at a Breasts Not Bombs rally at the state capital, Sacramento, CA, protesting the War, the Special Election, and sexual discrimination in exercising freedom of speech.  Read the full story.


In NY recently, I had a few altercations with NYPD and the MTA station agents, for committing the crime of exercising Freedom of the Press. Read about the latest chilling of your rights, New York style.

CD - Welcome to Club Fed
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CD: "Welcome to Club Fed"

This is a rockin', jazzy, slammin' studio album with some great Bay Area musicians.

These are fun, groovy songs, with beats and beautiful harmonies.  But you won't hear this album on mainstream radio.  So please support  alternative music by listening, and passing the links on to friends.  And if you are so moved, buy yourself a copy of the CD.  If you don't like it, I'll refund your money and shipping cost.

$5 including shipping and booklet.   Order HERE
Satisfaction guaranteed or I'll refund your money!

  Berkeley -- Live and Unplugged!

A free weekly gathering of musicians and poets in Berkeley, CA. Open mic, open jam, dancing ... the place to be in Berkeley on Thursday nights. Hosted by Laramie Crocker, Lauren Renee Hotchkiss, and Wendi Olson.
    Visit LiveAndUnplugged.org for more details.

  Subject to Cartoon -- cartoons by Laramie

Want to read the latest in subersively silly linguistic exploration? Of course you do! Visit Lexiconophilia.
Learn new words like Vapidometer, CubeHead, Pretentiometer, Borocrat, and Monogatrois.

Check out my new Flash movie set with my song Cargo. Support our troops -- Bring them home NOW!

And Chessmaster, about the vote counting in Ohio and Florida:

Check out the b-rant blog! It's always fresh, and you can get the RSS feed, too. It is a group blog, so multiple people post to it. You can see my entries here: laramie's blog  
Photo courtesy
Wendi Olson


Photo Gallery:
Laramie in New York
by Wendi Olson.

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Read my spoof: National INQUISITIONER Nov. 11, 2004 Edition

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"The checks and balances in the Constitution must have been designed with this administration in mind."
   -- Senator Carl Levin, Democrat/Michigan

Latest rants:

I saw this photo showing soldiers' caskets being shipped home, and was moved by the sadness of this senseless loss to write this new song: Cargo [mp3]. I've since found a large collection of these previously unavailable photos, released by a Freedom of Information Act request at the theMemoryHole.org. photo2 photo3
I just finished a new song, called Ridin' High which may just sum up the Dubya years succinctly. It's about folks cashin' in their tax-free dividends to buy Lincoln Navigators to ride roughshod over the rest of us little people.
My song Little Black Box was posted on verifiedvoting.org which is doing such important work (along with blackboxvoting.org) preserving the very core of our democracy -- open, honest elections. I recently played at a rally organized by TrueMajority.org in Sacramento, CA, where the Elections Commission decided to decertify Diebold! The solutions that were designed to save us from the "hanging-chad" issue have instead become huge problems. Overvoting, lost votes, closed polling places, these are all happening. We must insist that states and counties use verifiable paper printouts from these voting machines. It is cheap, simple, and most of the touch-screen voting machines support it. But vendors and elected representatives are fighting this common-sense action. Why? Read more.

I feel this is the single most important thing for us to stand up for. Without verified votes, countable votes, hack-free votes, then our votes to get George W. Bush a one-way ticket to Crawford, TX could be lost. Find out how to get involved.

More Rants:

Florida Living Will source unknown 3/29/2005

"Emergency: Actions you can do today to stop the flawed voting machines emily 3/14/2004

"Little Black Box" A song about the flawed voting machines laramie 3/13/2004

Wired Magazine: [California] Legislators Urge E-Voting Halt 3/11/2004

Hiroshima: Who disagreed with the atomic bombing joy 8/16/2003

Mother's Day Proclamation 1870 (mother's day was a peace movement, not a Hallmark Holiday)

The Real Patriotism (reprint from MoveOn.org)

The revolution has come: Howard Dean, M.D. for president laramie 5/1/2003

"Saddam Donkey" anonymous 4/16/2003

Would you have gone to war in 1933? 1934? 1935? thinktwice 4/12/2003

The "End of the War?" -- the Badda News and the Gooda News laramie 4/11/2003

UN legitimacy, effectiveness of protest, our role as "invaders" laramie 4/7/2003

Emerging from our shells laramie 3/25/2003

Did we win the war?dan 3/23/2003

Keep it Peaceful laramie 3/23/2003

Ooooops! Read Rep. Waxman's report on the 237 misleading statements made by the Bush Administration: Iraq on the Record
Wow! Watch this Internet ad about Catherine Harris and the Florida vote. http://www.ericblumrich.com/gta.html
Read this amazing article tying together Bush, Cheney, Enron, the blackouts, the California recall election... By Greg Palast.

Governor Howard Dean was my choice to take on George W. Bush. And I still think he would have done the job a whole lot better. However, looking forward, we need to take all that great Dean energy, and all the energy people put into Kucinich, Kerry, and all the others, and turn it to reforming the Democratic party. Visit DemocracyForAmerica.com and plug into the "Democratic wing of the Democratic party".

Click on the Meetup nametag on the right to find the next local meetup in your area.

Check out Dean's inspiring speech to the California Democratic convention, March 15, 2003, And the inspiring The Great American Restoration speech, which I attended at his declaration of candidacy for President in Burlingon, VT, June 23, 2003.

You can take a look at the EB4Democracy.com site I helped to set up. It is a local Democracy for America group that I helped to organize in the S.F. East Bay.

11/25/2004 laramiec - b-rant.com   
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Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.

News & Essays

"Cheap-Labor Conservatives" 7/1/2003

McGovern 4/7/2003: The Reason Why

prospect.org: The Turnout Imperative, an interesting article on getting the vote out

Links 4/8/2003 an amazing collection of stories documenting the truth of the war.

Rolling Stone 4/8/2003 Michael Franti: bandmember's mom investigated by military police because of Spearhead's anti-war performances.

Bush signs law giving Cheney rights to classify ANY government documents including all financial and conflict of interest disclosures as well as disclosures of past ethical and/or criminal violations, such as the documents that detailed Cheney's meetings with the Enron boys. Ooops.

Bush's impeachable offenses Whether or not you believe impeachment is viable or productive at this point, this page has an amazing collection of articles detailing why this Administration is NOT GOOD.

The Not-So-Funnies

Russia, CIA train Iraqi agents

Bush 9-11 Reaction

CIA admits Qualye, Bush identity

Best of Photoshop

Bush the Insult Comedy Dog

     [More ...]

And here's a story I wrote that's just a tad more fictional than the rest of the stranger-than-fiction entries on this page: Dear Pen-Pal


Welcome! This is a place for ranting against the Bush Administration and their personal wars against Iraq, against the environment, against the constitution, and against the American people. In this column, you'll see my music, songs and stories to this goal. On the left are rants, articles, and resources for re-defeating Bush.

  -- Laramie Crocker, eMail Laramie
     Visit my LaramieCrocker.com website.

U.S. Provisional Authority
A musical fantasy about a future after the Code Red Coup.   [Home] [Outline (and songs)]   [Libretto]   [Program]

New recordings:


A song about the vote counting in Ohio:
  The Chessmaster Plays Ohio

Saints and Sinners alike can enjoy my new hymn: MP3: Sinner's Two-Step from my upcoming album "Dead Again". [lyrics]

MP3: Cargo -- A song about our soldiers coming home [lyrics] [old mp3]

Ridin' High (lyrics only)

MP3: Little Black Box -- A song about the Diebold voting machines [lyrics]

MP3: The Last Time I Voted -- Electable, Schmectable! [lyrics]

MP3: Yes, Mr. Cheney -- A new cut of my song about those D.C. Hillbillies [lyrics]

MP3: I Want My Country Back -- A song for the Dean grassroots movement (With the amazing Scott Amendola on drums) [lyrics]

MP3: A Guy Named Jim -- My heretical ramble about hanging out with Jesus [lyrics]

MP3: Club Fed -- A fitting song now that they've "captured" Saddam [lyrics]
So come on down,
you washed up dictators
enjoy the sunshine
watch out for the 'gators
come on down, come on down
to Club Fed
it's the place to hide
when the world thinks you're dead
[More lyrics...]

Hear the radio ad I provided to KPFA for the "Evening with George Lakoff" event.

Album: Love and Peace in the Time of War contains my songs for the Peace Movement.
   [Track List]
   [Web Liner Notes]
   [Lyrics and Music (MP3)]

Read the article in Salon.com: "House party! by Katharine Mieszkowski about a MoveOn houseparty I hosted. I played some songs and organized about 50 Berkeleyans who were fired up to push for Election reform and to reform the Democratic Party and the Media.

Read the John P. Gregg article (reprinted here) from the Valley News in New Hampshire, about my Internet activism for Howard Dean and my songs.
Be sure to check out my gigs/calendar page.
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
  EFF works to protect online freedom. Join today
  MoveOn works to promote a balanced, progressive agenda.
  Sign up with the campaign to support Dean!

      -- Laramie 
Iraq Body Count

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Latest Links:
http://jobwatch.org/ Shows the job growth/loss rate of the U.S. Economy, compared to Bush's claims.
http://www.asce.org/reportcard/index.cfm A report from the American Society of Civil Engineers on the decaying U.S. infrastructure
http://www.iraqometer.com/ (The numbers the Press seems to hide by talking about only today's casualties.)

Amazing Stories

Baghdad Snapshot Action
Help remind the world that real people live in Iraq....
Since February 2003, People have postered snapshots from Baghdad on street corners, in offices, and at schools around the world. Quiet and casual, the snapshots show a part of Baghdad we rarely see: the part with people in it.
3/23/2003, matteo

Call and write the President and the Congress

Congress.org -- a web service to lookup legislators and voting records, by your zip code. Very Cool!

Congressional Switchboard:    1-800-839-5276  or 1-202-225-3121

White House
  Comment Line: 202-456-1111
  FAX: 202-456-2461
  email: president@whitehouse.gov

Call and write the Press
ABC World News Tonight
Phone: 212-456-4040
CBS Evening News
Phone: 212-975-3691
Phone: 404-827-1500
Fox News
Phone: (212) 301-3000
NBC Nightly News
Phone: 212-664-4971
Phone: (201) 583-5000
Fax: (201) 583-5453

Take Action!
Take whatever local actions you can.  Good sources of information:







Go here, then click on your city for great local news and local actions:
For example,
has great, up-to-date actions listed for the San Francisco Bay Area.
On the day of actions, indymedia's web-radio is an indispensable source of live information:
      Enemy Combatant Radio

Kick the corporate media habit!

The Orb Standard
World News -- of, by, and for the World www.orbstandard.com/

Go here, then click on your city for great local news and local actions:
For example,

For a yearly subscription you can get ad-free access to all of Salon.com's content, which is independent and outstanding. (Plus you get Tom Tomorrow's "This Modern World" in color!)

The Guardian Unlimited
Get an independent view of the world from outside the U.S.: www.guardian.co.uk

The super-list: Guardian UK guide to anti-war sites

AlterNet: alternet.org

ArabNews: arabnews.com (Saudi online news in English)

Scoop: scoop.co.nz (New Zealand)

The Nation: thenation.com

Mother Jones: motherjones.com

Feed your soul with music

My friend Stephan Smith has a powerful, moving protest song called "The Bell" getting national radio play:

Musician United to Win Without War:


Hear all the great protest songs that Sony, Clearchannel, NYTimes, etc., don't want you to think exist:

Laramie's Songs including Bombing&nbspFor Peace and Not Far Enough

New Beastie Boys "In a World Gone Mad"


alternet.org: Protest Music is Alive and Kicking

Righteous Babe Records - Ani DiFranco

KPFA Radio on the web

Michael Franti and Spearhead: Bomb the World

If you need to laugh to stop from crying
Office Doodles
Bush and Blair: together at last
Get Your War On
Working For Change -- scroll down to get to the Tom Tomorrow (This Modern World) and Ted Rall cartoons.
Wonderella.org - Wonderella Printed Home of fantastic literary booklets, such as "The Camelopard" which will tell you how to visit the Aether through meditation and visualization.
Visit Laramie's stories, including Axis of Evil Tours

More Links:
  Dennis Richards
    "O Mr Bush"
    "I'm a Terrorist Too"

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