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", attractive, funny, witty, humble, modest..." [more...]
"Once you've endured the unthinkable, everything else is just boring." [more...]
A Dog's Song
I'm bored
I'm bored
Do you love me? [more...]
Good King Wenceslas, Da Union Version
There was dis guy, Wenceslas, though I dunno what kinda name that is. So anyway, he's a pretty big guy in da scheme a things [more...]
I've been to Heaven, and to Hell. Heaven wakes you up with warm, yellow sunshine and smells like fresh cut grass, like hay, daylilies, wet forest, like lavender. Hell is the inside of a hospital, with endless corridors, where there is no day, no night, and no exit. [more...]
Welcome to my page of stories, songs, and poems. Please have a look around, and follow the links -- some of the good stuff is buried. And this is not a mullet, damnit!

-- Laramie
The News from Brownsville
     wherein sheep, showers, and spoons are discussed at some length, specifically, the use of teaspoons during crisis.     
Well, it's been raining a lot this week in Brownsville, my home town. Miss Ruthie O'Malley, who works up at the Poplar Hill farm, a piece of God's Country that is about the closest to heaven that any of us will ever get, considering the deeds we may or may not have done, or whether God was looking at the time, reports on her answering machine that some sheep went missing.

Realities of The Hydrogen Economy
In the January 28, 2003 State of the Union Address, President George W. Bush said he wanted to spend $1.1 Billion on the "Hydrogen Economy" in research. All well and good. But he went on to say that it would mean that our children could drive cars without pollution. Can this be true? No, it can't.


Dear Pen-Pal
... We are lucky to have the King. Many years ago, when I was a child, he protected us from Iraq. Now he is protecting us from the latest country to be found out as terrorists, a rouge nation called France. They have an evil dictator, who is "elected" by a communist regime called a "parliament". ...


Letter from the CEO [parody]
The CEO of Wal-Mart explains his initiative to redevelop American towns with the latest Wal-Mart stores.


Axis of Evil Tours
Iraq: Breakfast in Baghdad
See this beautiful city, said to be the oldest living city in the world, before we bomb it back to the stone age.


The Northern sky, so clear,
so full of stars
and the milky way [more...]
Songs and Lyrics
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Night of the Living Viennese
Mingus always liked me. I don't know why he calls me "baby". This century is full of things I don't understand. ... I just go by Sebastian now. It's very big, artists having just one name these days. [more...]
Tech Corner
New 'Virus Alert' Virus [more...]
Motivation 101 [more...]

Meryl Streep plays all of her previous Oscar-nominated roles digitally merged onscreen in one movie [more...]

How shall we be define'd?
By our modes of transport? Trek mountain bike? Schwin townie? Hiking shoes? (Pray they are not Nike!) [more...]