BiWM seeks Dream Woman/Man

Me: smart, attractive, funny, witty, intelligent, successful, artistic, analytical, sexy, self-confident, humble, modest.

You: self-assured, powerful, demur, adoring, straightforward, coy.

Me: easy-going, mellow, anti-establishment, A-type corporate ladder-climber.

You: happy-go-lucky, laid back, "Just Do It" achiever.

I am into special times we can share, like walking my dog, shopping, watching videos, and going out for burritos at my favorite taqueria.

Please be young at heart, but not any younger than that clueless trollop last year who broke my heart because she wasn't ready for commitment and already had a boyfriend. And certainly no older than that crotchety fuck a while back who tried to pressure me into something "a little more serious".

Seeking: a mature mate (who knows what he/she wants, and is seeking partnership/commitment) for friendship, easy sex, maybe more?? (Hey back off!)

Me: hopeless romantic, believer in "happy ever after", afraid of commitment, or allowing people to "get in" too far.

You: post therapy, healthy, unafraid.

Me: ready for the world, but still dealing with some "ISSUES".

I am ready for the right person who will have joy in spending so many special moments together, sharing everything, being my everything, sharing my life, and who will give me all the space I need, and won't "glom" onto me.

You are strong, powerful, big, tough, voluptuous, petite, feline, boyish, vulnerable.

Please surprise me and be more and different than anyone I could dream up, and please fit all of my pictures.

Allow me to lavish you with presents, support you, take care of you. And please don't ask me for any kind of financial assistance, or sponge on me in any way.

Be open to soft, sensuous, caring, rough, role-playing, lengthy, spontaneous, brief, frequent sex. Looking for someone who is into bondage, backdoor, top/bottom, menage a trois, pain-positive, S&M games, abusive fantasies, domination, but nothing kinky.

You can't call soon enough, I am waiting.

Dream Boy. 555-5555

(If I am not home, leave a message.)

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