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  Iraq: Breakfast in Baghdad
[Sold out -- no more reservations, sorry!]
See this beautiful city, said to be the oldest living city in the world, before we bomb it back to the stone age.

Check back with us later for our upcoming tour of the rebuilt city --
New Baghdad: City of Commerce
.  Advance discount tickets available for Halliburton and Bechtel employees!


  The Koreas: P'yongyang and Seoul
Visit P'yongyang, North Korea and Seoul, South Korea in this budget-stretcher two-for-one sale.  Even though Seoul is not in an Axis of Evil country, we are offering this limited time tour, since you never know WHERE that wacky Kim Jong-il will point his nukes after we level P'yongyang.

Stay tuned to this site for special web deals on last minute tours of Hollywood, CA.


  Iran: The Future Lost City of Tehran
Get in early on this little-known tour!
Few know about the opportunity to beat the crowds for what promises to be the sleeper Axis of Evil tour of the year.  Some time after the re-purposing of Baghdad, we just know that extant Tehran is going to be on the tour lists of everyone who matters! See the wonders of Tehran before everyone else, and before ... well, we can't tell you yet!


Just added!
Be sure to check out these tours, which we can now offer you in collaboration with Dubya's New World Order Tours
  The Provinces of Insania:
    Corporatia,  Bellicosia, Pollutia, and Fascistonia

  Relics of Old Europe:
    Paris, France and Berlin, Germany
    See these irrelevant cities while you can!

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