From:     Dr. Spaminator
    To:       Personnel
    Subject:  WARNING: New Virus
Hello, Please beware of a new virus that is "out in the wild". This virus, called the AdminSpamToYou, installs itself in your Network Administrator's brain. Once installed there, it continually sends out spam. The spam has been seen with the following characteristic subject lines: "WARNING: New Virus" "Just a Reminder" "Virus Alert" The body contains the same information that would be available by going to any anti-virus website. Some infected admins cut and paste the entire anti-virus webpage into the email body, and forward it to everyone on the company mailing list, causing heavy traffic on the email server. Early signs of infection can be seen as the admin runs around to every cubicle in the organization and attempts to install anti-virus software on all users' computers. Later signs of infection are repeated email warnings about opening attachments, since the anti-spam software installed in the early stages of the infection do nothing to stop the stupid users who just open attachments willy-nilly. In acute cases, the infected admin sends out warnings in ALL CAPS, admonishing users to "NOT OPEN ANY FUCKING ATTACHMENTS, GODDAMNIT!" At this stage, the procedure indicated is for the infected admin to take a very large Chill Pill. Dr. Laramie Chief Spaminator Special Forces Unit, Lazy-ass-Goofoff-Admins Project
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